Wall Mirrors

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Mirrors are one the best tools you can use when you want to brighten up a room or make it seem more spacious. This is especially true in smaller living spaces, as the clever use of mirrors can efficiently reflect borrowed light and give an impression that there is more space in the room.

At Glass Direct Australia, we see the use of wall mirrors as an innovative way to enhance the look and feel of any space. We are one of the leading companies for glass mirrors in Sydney,  and have been providing a wide range of reflective glass products including small and large mirrors, and toughened mirror to accommodate kitchen splashbacks, for over 13 years.

Our glass mirrors can be cut to any shape or size,  and finished with a variety of edges or embellishments. Our large mirrors are suitable to be used as feature wall mirrors, and can even be affixed to ceilings for dramatic effect.

Mirror Supply and Installation

  • You can depend on our glass mirrors to be manufactured according to the most stringent standards.
  • Our toughened mirror is made to the A Grade Safety Glass, Australian Standard AS1288, polished all round and flat stuck to your wall.
  • Mirrors from Glass Direct Australia – are put through an additional process to make them reflective. We then add custom polish and bevel edges, engraving or other bespoke embellishments according to your requirements.
  • All of the customisation work such as spraying is done on site at our factory/showroom, so we have full power over all quality control aspects.
  • We can also supply and install toughened mirror as a splashback.
  • Contact us to discuss your glass mirror requirements or browse our showcase gallery to get an idea of the quality of our products.