Frameless Glass Showerscreens

The benefits of frameless showerscreens

  • Easy to clean – no frame
  • Creates a feeling of space & light
  • Guaranteed not to rust
  • Adds timeless elegance to your bathroom

If you are looking at remodeling your bathroom or building a new one in Sydney, it is a good idea to pay special attention to the type of showerscreen that you are going to have installed. After all, the shower area is usually the centre piece of any bathroom. View our shower screen gallery of recent installations.

Glass adds a touch of timeless elegance to any bathroom. Our frameless glass shower screens  have no unnecessary frames or hardware, and  they are guaranteed not to rust – either inside and out.

Frameless showerscreens,  or shower or bath panels, are streamlined, and add a clear, modern style to your bathroom. They are easy to clean as they have no framework and a minimal amount of hardware that can act as dirt and soap traps. The minimalist design of our frameless shower screens is guaranteed to create a modern feeling of space and light in your bathroom.