Balustrade Gallery

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View gallery containing some of the glass balustrades  supplied and installed by GDA.  Read more product information relating to glass balustrades supplied and installed by Glass Direct Australia.

Glass Balustrade - ultra modern finishes

Glass balustrade - with base of glass painted

Channel on glass balustrade

Balustrade -glass fixed on stand off buttons down stairwell

Balustrades -post and rail with side fixings

Balustrade with base plate spigots

Balustrade - glass and stainless

Balustrade- floor to ceiling stair balustrade

Balustrade - balcony

Balustrade - bring the outdoors in

Balustrade - glass side fitted with standoffs

Stair balustrade fitted on standoffs

Mix and match- glass with post and wire balustrade

Balustrade with pool gateBalustrade with pool gate

Balustrade with pool gate

Terrace - glass balustrade

Glass balustrade - stainless fittings

Glass balustrade - coming downstairs

Glass & stainless steel wire balustrade

With capping channel

Planter box balustrade

Glass gate

Rooftop balustrade

With 38 diameter handrail in stainless

Balustrade - 38mm handrail on patch arms

Balustrade - 38mm handrail on patch arms

Walkway balustrade

Balustrade -strata block

Balcony balustrade for entire complex - strata

Complex finished in glass

Creating open living spaces

15mm skyglass in channel

Commercial structure with glass infills

Balustrade - balcony

Balustrade - balcony glass maintaining the view

50mm stainless post, wire & handrails

Balustrade - front view flat handrail with patch arm fittings

Curved stairway glass

Balustrade - curved with stainless

Balustrade - curved glass, curved handrail

Balustrade - front view flat handrail with patch arm fittings

Balustrade - curved polished handrail

Balustrade- balcony

Privacy screen

Slumped glass privacy screen

Balustrade area strata block

Balustrade -balcony glass with post and rail

Balustrade - internal glass balustrade

Wall tie off bracket 38mm round handrail

Balustrade - glass balustrade with top capping handrail

Different styles of capping channel

Balustrade - side fitting glass balustrade with curved corner

Balcony - maintaining the view

Balustrade - slotted off set stainless handrail

Glass balustrade -around the roof

Mirror polished handrails