Wall Mirror Gallery

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View gallery containing some of the mirrors  supplied and installed by GDA.  Read more about the Mirror products supplied and installed by Glass Direct Australia.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

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Splashbacks Glass Direct Australia (GDA) will guarantee the workmanship – e.g. the splashback will remain affixed to the wall. We also guarantee that the paint will not peel off, under normal usage conditions.  Guaranteed for 10 years. Shower Screens Glass Direct Australia (GDA) will guarantee the workmanship and hinges of your shower screen for 12 months from the date of …

Frameless Glass Balustrades

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Frameless glass balustrades are fixtures for staircases and balconies in the home. Glass balustrades create a seamless, uninterrupted view. Frameless glass stair balustrades will give your home a liberating sense of space and unimpeded freedom, while ensuring the safety of the people within. With double storey homes, glass balustrading can also be utilised on the balcony to add an unrivaled …

Wall Mirrors

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Mirrors are one the best tools you can use when you want to brighten up a room or make it seem more spacious. This is especially true in smaller living spaces, as the clever use of mirrors can efficiently reflect borrowed light and give an impression that there is more space in the room. At Glass Direct Australia, we see the …

Strata Services

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GDA | Working with Strata Management Plans Sydney Wide Glass Direct Australia have worked with many strata companies. Glass Direct Australia provides a professional supply and installation from your strata project, including: Glass Balustrades for Balconies Glass Pool Fences Glass fencing Glass Balustrades for Staircases Mirrors Popular services for strata property  includes the updating of  balconies with toughened glass balustrade, …


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gda offers the highest quality in Stainless Steel products, and services in fabrication and installation. We offer an almost infinite range of designs that can comply to your cosmetic and customised requirements. Please also see Frameless Glass Fittings Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Glass Splashbacks

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Any Colour Splashback When you’re looking to create a contemporary and highly practical interior look – whether you’re renovating your home and are looking for easy care with a pop of colour, or building,  – our splashbacks provide the perfect design addition for any space. No grout! So easy to clean, with such a modern, clean cut style. Glass splashbacks …

Glass Fencing

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The beauty and clean, simple elegance of glass fencing makes it a popular choice for a variety of settings. Its safety features, the high viability it provides of your family from many angles has seen glass fencing replace the more traditional fence types in recent years. The importance of safety characteristics for a fence or balustrade made of toughened glass cannot …